Some Notes About Python


How to see source code

There is a module called “inspect”

def foo(arg):             
    return arg

Or easier way use,


You will see

Signature: foo(arg)
Docstring: <no docstring>
def foo(arg):                 return arg
File:      c:\users\zeban\<ipython-input-26-d60020dc647a>
Type:      function

You can not view python source code for built-in function or class, for example, min, max, set, etc. The built-in function type is always implemented in C. The code for this function comes from the bltinmodule.c source file; the builtin_min() function delegates to the min_max() utility in the same source file.

How to know whether object is a builtin function?

import types
isinstance(min, types.BuiltinFunctionType)
> True

Or just use help()

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